Words Matter. Learn the good ones.


Drink, drank, drunk.

Swim, swam, swum,

There, their, they’re.

I love words and words matter so chose your words wisely.

Words can wound and words can heal.

Words can build you up or words can tear you down.

Words can make you cry or….

Word can make you laugh!

I love words. Little words, big words, and the way you can put words together.

words, words, beautiful words

I suppose I’ve always loved words because I’ve always been good at them. The same way someone with a penchant towards math, like Winnie from The Wonder Years, has always loved numbers. My abilities with numbers is laughable, in fact, it is one of our longest running family jokes. That and how Mom always burnt the last waffle on Sunday mornings.

I  regurarly find myself irritated with the people who have to use a cuss word to make every point they have. Seriously folks,  most of you are smart so get a bigger vocabulary!

All that said, I finally became a good parent• and bought my first flashcards for my children.

Big Words Flashcards

I’ve always felt myself to be Abnoramous. And my love of these Big Words flashcards may just prove that.  I find these big words to be Mellifluous and humorous, especially coming from a child’s mouth. Right now the most humrous words coming from my youngests mouths are the words Frog and Croc. To hear what they sound like when she says them ,take the r out of frog and add a ck and just take the r out of croc.

This morning as the neighbors rooter Ululated, I Preambled over to the coffee table and found my daughters preparing for their daily Shenanagins. With any luck, I will raise myself a few Loquacious children. They laughed at each others various Onomatopoeia, “Buzzz” “Bop” “Bang”. Not wanting to Lollygag, I Skedaddled over to the coffee pot for my morning coffee then returned to the Smorgasbord of big words splayed out in the living room. I laughed and basked in this strange joy words bring me.

Inspired by the words I was looking at I set about to write a piece about words. I’ve had to stop numorous times to take care of my Cantankerous little lady and stopping to Mollycoddle them, if only for a few minutes.

I don’t want to be a Nincompoop or a Rapscallion, or Persnickety for that matter, but I have now finished this post using all but six of the Splendiferous words in the Big Words Flashcards box.

To buy your own box and cause a Kerfuffle writing your own big words blog go to KnockKnockStuff.

Make that all but five.

Words matter. So learn the good ones!

• The term Good Parent should be read dripping with sarcasm. I find most flash cards HogWash and and am not at all Hoity-Toity about early education. Love your children, talk to them often, read to them regularly, play with them daily and they will learn what they need to learn by the time they go to Kindergarten.


2 thoughts on “Words Matter. Learn the good ones.

  1. I love words too! I think I was the only one who actually enjoyed studying for the verbal SAT with my homemade vocab. flashcards – “obstreperous” was a favorite. And I’m still trying to find a way to non-pretentiously use it in a conversation or in my writing.

  2. I agree regarding the POWER of words! They can be medicine to heal a soul (Prov.17:22) or they can start a destructive pattern that can lead to a slow death in relationships. Author John Gottman says that when he is counseling a couple, he can tell by the way the couple “fights” whether they will make their marriage work or not. People who fight with mean words that do irreperable damage , hurt their partner so deeply that it can be only the grace of God to bring healing. If one has to fight, use words that expose YOU and not the other person and NEVER words of accusation which only inflame. Look at yourself and see what YOU can change.Remember that it is not the importantce of who is right or wrong but it is the value of the relationship that you want to be healed. This takes two to bring it to pass.

    When only one is willing to “try”, he is powerful beyond words–if he is seeking God to strengthen the relationship. It only takes one to Dare To Love–to do ONE special thing for the mate daily. Surprise her/him with a special coffee at work, a check-in call at work or home, some flowers or just an extra long hug when you reconnect at the end of the day-one that says “I need you!” no response?? That may be but just do it again the next day and the next and watch God work!

    Relationships are tough and require a lot of care but it is SO< SO worth it! Words ARE POWERFUL-ask God to give you grace–ful words today.

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