Seasons by GrandMomopoly Beth

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I Love All the Seasons

In my neck of the woods, we  are blessed to have 4 distinct seasons annually. Although we never get very hot in the summer for any length of time, never gets very cold or have much snow in the winter, Fall is almost always gorgeous  with what we call ” Indian Summer”  and then there is spring. The most  guaranteed  type of weather is rain, and it can come consistently or inconsistently in all seasons. But, it makes for a glorious green landscape.

As school buses are beginning to pass my house and the cooler evenings require a blanket as I sit on the deck, I began thinking about my life and my seasons.

I graduated from High school in the 60’s ( YES  the 1960’s),  met my husband in the 60’s  and  lived through the beginning of the Women’s Lib movement and the social significance of it all. It changed how society looked at women, how men looked at women  (well maybe not how they LOOKED at women but how they needed to relate to women)  and how women viewed themselves. A very confusing time for us all.


As a woman, I was told  “YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL”.  You deserve it and you should have it all. But no one told us what  ALL  was.

This old commercial song was the mantra of who a woman should be in those days

” I can put the wash on the line; Feed the kids, get dressed

Pass out the kisses; and get to work by 5 to 9..

I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan

And NEVER, NEVER, NEVER let you forget you’re a man

Cause… I’m a woman”

Well, I tried this and didn’t feel like I had it all… I was just really , really tired. And more confused.

This generation of this song might have different words but the meaning is still the same. You should do it all  NOW. Train for physical competitions, decorate your house like Pinterest, Cook everything from scratch, entertain, keep up with your friends,  have perfect children, have the perfect  marriage….and women are just really, really tired, stressed, anxious and insecure.

I want to assure you that you can have it all… but it doesn’t have to be all at the same time.

This month my oldest son turned 39. That means he graduated from high school 20 years ago. The reality is, more of  my life span is lived without children in my home than with children in my home.

I have been married 41 years, lived 63 years  and had children living in my home for 25 of those years measuring from the birth of my first child until the last one left for college.

Through all of this, I realized that life, also has seasons.

A season to be a newlywed lover.

A season to have little children, babies and toddlers

A season for grade school

A season for teenagers

A season to be an empty nester

Then a season to live my own life,  pursue my interests, travel, develop friendships anew.

The season of Grandparenting is Fantastic!!!


I had a full time job, running a business thru all of those seasons so I know how tough it is to enjoy  the lack of sleep and the emotions of it all. But I feel, it is so important not to rush the current season into the next. I am one of those women who stop young Mothers in the grocery store and tell them to enjoy their young ones as time moves so fast.

Be encouraged. You will be young enough to run that marathon, (the older you are the better the chance that you will Boston Qualify) get that  second degree, (or first), start a business,  learn a new skill, take painting classes, to follow your dream… maybe not  this season.. maybe not next, but life  is long and short at the same time.

Enjoy this season, give it your all, make memories for both you and your families, take care of your health, ask for help. So next season you will be able to look back with joy and gratitude and laugh!!! You will look back and see you made a difference.

Make a bucket list, make a priority list, make plans. Live  purposefully in each season,  so when you look back at your life from my age,  you have created the life you dreamed. Your children, family and profession are what you desired.  Each season builds on the last one.  Where would a hot summer be without the rainy spring?

And… It will rain. Both expectedly and unexpectedly.  I have lived long enough to realize that the thunder and lightning  do not last forever  even when I can’t see the clouds parting at all, and it is hard. I have also lived long enough to see the glorious green landscape that rains brings..

This is your season of your life. Live it with courage and confidence knowing you were created for this time in history and that  you can have it all in due season.


One thought on “Seasons by GrandMomopoly Beth

  1. You have always been my most amazing friend Beth! God Bless you for your stamina and love and great variety of abilities and talents

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