Revolving Nap Time Door

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There is a revolving nap time door in my house from about 11:30-2:30 every day.


It starts with the meltdowns at lunch over who has more apple juice and whether or not I put water into the juice cup of #2. This is quickly followed up by quips from #1 about how she has more and as a side note, she will also be the first one done. About this time #3 wakes up from the cacophony of whines and complaints and begins to chime in with his own hunger needs.

Clearly it is nap time.

For naps to happen in this home #2 must go down first. Must. If #2 refuses to take the nap that I would trade my second favorite pair of shoes to take, all nap demands by me are futile. #2 will cry, #1 will boss her around endlessly with “get back in your rooms” and “don’t look at me’s” and #3 will be left to cry in some moderately safe place until I can sit still to feed him.

So begins the revolving nap time door.

I give #2 her beloved pacifier put her into her bed.

Go get #1 settled into her rest time chair, say my silent prayer to God above that she falls asleep.

Reach for #3 but get sidetracked by having to put #2 back in bed.

Repeat this process 4 times.

Finally sit down and feed sweet baby #3. Halfway through his feeding realize that I’ve been bamboozled and go put #2 back into her bed, again. This time threaten to take away whatever afternoon activity she is telling me she is ready for.

Find #1 trying to pick up #3 because she is “his teacher Mom!”. Smile and thank the lord that he is such a mellow little mister and finish his feeding.

Find myself cautiously hopeful as #2 is actually asleep and #3 is on his way.

Lay sweet baby #3 down twice before he stays asleep.

Come out to find #1, again, not in her rest time chair, but in the pantry pleading for snacks right now because she’s so hungry. Know thats not true and return her to her chair and invite Dora to come babysit for a few minutes while I grab more coffee and check on my two sleepers.

Hazel and Bo Nap

By the time #1 is asleep #2 is up…which means she will ensure that all three team members are back up with her in order to fully enjoy the afternoon.

The revolving nap time door is a squeaky one that leads me to eat chocolate in the pantry.

At least its dark its totally healthy.


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